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国際 : Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties (2013.01.31)

日時: 2013-02-18  表示:2797回

2013年01月31日 The New York Times

LOS ANGELES &#8212; Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who retired less than two years ago as the leader of the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, was removed from all public duties by his successor, Archbishop Jos&eacute; H. Gomez, as the church complied with a court order to release thousands of pages of internal documents that show how the cardinal shielded priests who sexually abused children.

The documents, released as part of a record $660 million settlement in 2007 with the victims of abuse, are the strongest evidence so far that top officials for years purposely tried to conceal abuse from law enforcement officials. The files, which go from the 1940s to the present, are the latest in a series of revelations that suggest that the church continued to maneuver against law enforcement even after the extent of the abuse crisis emerged.

Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry, who was the vicar for clergy and one of the cardinal’s top deputies and his adviser on sexual abuse, also stepped down as the regional bishop for Santa Barbara, Calif.

The church had fought for years to keep the documents secret, and until this week it argued that the names of top church officials should be kept private. In letters written in the 1980s, then-Father Curry gave suggestions for how to stop the police from investigating priests who admitted that they had abused children, like stopping the priests from seeing therapists who would be required to alert law enforcement about the abuse.

Both Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Curry have publicly apologized in the past, but have said that they were na&iuml;ve at the time about the effectiveness of treatment for abusers and the impact on victims.

In a letter on Thursday, Archbishop Gomez wrote that the files are “brutal and painful reading.”

“The behavior described in these files is terribly sad and evil,” he said. “There is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children. The priests involved had the duty to be their spiritual fathers, and they failed. We need to acknowledge that terrible failure today.”

Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Curry are still able to celebrate Mass and other religious duties. But Cardinal Mahony, a vocal advocate of immigrant rights, will no longer speak publicly, as he has done frequently since his retirement in 2011, a spokesman for the archdiocese said.

Archbishop Gomez’s move to discipline his predecessor and to accept the resignation of Bishop Curry, was unexpected and unusual. It has not been the custom of bishops to use disciplinary measures against one another &#8212; or even to issue any public criticism.

Instead, as part of the sweeping package of policies for dealing with sexual abuse that American bishops passed at the height of the abuse scandal in 2002, the bishops agreed that they would employ what they call “fraternal correction” with one another when the situation requires. Only the pope can decide to remove a bishop from the leadership of his diocese. And only the pope can defrock a priest or a bishop.

Advocates for abuse victims had called for Bishop Curry’s removal last week, and had mixed reactions on Thursday to the actions taken by Archbishop Gomez. David Clohessy, national director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, called Bishop Curry’s resignation “a small step in the right direction.”

But Mr. Clohessy said that the sanctions against Cardinal Mahony amounted to little more than “hand-slapping,” and are “a nearly meaningless gesture.”

Jennifer Medina reported from Los Angeles, and Laurie Goodstein from New York.

国際 : Sexual Abuse Files Cast Shadow on Los Angeles Cardinal (2013.01.21)

日時: 2013-02-18  表示:2849回

2013年01月21日 The New York Times

Published: January 21, 2013

LOS ANGELES ― The retired archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, and other high-ranking clergymen in the archdiocese worked quietly to keep evidence of child molesting away from law enforcement officials and shield abusive priests from criminal prosecution more than a decade before the scandal became public, according to confidential church records.

The documents, filed in court as part of lawsuit against the archdiocese and posted online by The Los Angeles Times on Monday, offer the clearest glimpse yet of how the archdiocese dealt with abusive priests in the decades before the scandal broke, including Cardinal Mahony’s personal involvement in covering up their crimes.

Rather than defrocking priests and contacting the police, the archdiocese sent priests who had molested children to out-of-state treatment facilities, in large part because therapists in California were legally obligated to report any evidence of child abuse to the police, the files make clear.

In 1986, Cardinal Mahony wrote to a New Mexico treatment center where one abusive priest, Msgr. Peter Garcia, had been sent.

“I believe that if Monsignor Garcia were to reappear here within the archdiocese we might very well have some type of legal action filed in both the criminal and civil sectors,” Cardinal Mahony wrote.

Monsignor Garcia admitted to abusing more than a dozen young boys, most of them from families of illegal immigrants, since he was ordained in 1966, and in at least one case he threatened to have a boy he had molested deported if he talked about it, according to documents filed in court.

He was never criminally prosecuted, and has since died.

In a 1987 letter regarding the Rev. Michael Baker, who had also been sent for treatment in New Mexico after admitting that he had abused young boys, Msgr. Thomas J. Curry wrote to Cardinal Mahony that “he is very aware that what he did comes within the scope of the criminal law in California.”

“It is surprising the counselor he attended in California did not report him, and we agreed it would be better if Mike did not return to him,” the letter continued. It would be decades before Father Baker was convicted of sexually abusing children.

In a written statement released on Monday, Cardinal Mahony, who took over the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1985 and retired in 2011, apologized to the victims of the sexual abuse.

“Various steps toward safeguarding all children in the church began here in 1987 and progressed year by year as we learned more about those who abused and the ineffectiveness of so-called ‘treatments’ at the time,” the statement said. “Nonetheless, even as we began to confront the problem, I remained nai\"ve myself about the full and lasting impact these horrible acts would have on the lives of those who were abused by men who were supposed to be their spiritual guides.”

Cardinal Mahony said he came to understand that impact only two decades later, when he met with almost 100 victims of sexual abuse by priests under his charge. He now keeps an index card for each one of those victims, praying for each one every day, he said in the statement.

In a phone interview, J. Michael Hennigan, a lawyer for the archdiocese, said that the documents represented the “beginnings of the awakening of the archdiocese of these kinds of problems,” and that the lessons learned in the intervening decades helped shape the current policy, under which all accusations of abuse are reported to the police and all adults who supervise children are fingerprinted and subjected to background checks.

Lawyers for some of the priests accused of abuse fought in court to keep the documents and many others confidential. But over the coming weeks, many more church records will also be released as part of a settlement between some of the victims and the archdiocese.

Ray Boucher, a lawyer representing some of the plaintiffs in those cases, said the files released on Monday were “particularly damning,” because they showed the “wanton disregard for the health and safety of children, and a decision by the highest members of the church to put its self-interest and the interest of abusive priests ahead of those of children.”

Mr. Boucher added, “I think when the full light is shown, the public will begin to understand just how deep a problem this is.”
A version of this article appeared in print on January 22, 2013, on page A16 of the New York edition with the headline: Los Angeles Cardinal Hid Abuse, Files Show.

国際 : ピストリウス選手逮捕:パラリンピック代表選手らに衝撃 (20

日時: 2013-02-15  表示:2748回

2013年02月14日 毎日新聞





国際 : 伊誌、妊娠中のキャサリン妃の水着写真掲載 王室が非難 (

日時: 2013-02-14  表示:2899回

2013年02月13日 産経新聞





国際 : メキシコ・アカプルコで集団レイプ、外国人女性6人が被

日時: 2013-02-13  表示:3327回

2013年02月06日 CNN

メキシコ・アカプルコ(CNN) メキシコの人気リゾート地アカプルコの警察当局は5日、覆面やフードで顔を隠した男5人が、当地を訪れていた観光客の女性6人をレイプしたと発表した。女性たちと一緒にいた男性らは電話線などで縛られていたという。





国際 : ブラジル女子高生が「初体験」をネットで競売 議論呼ぶ (

日時: 2013-02-13  表示:2715回

2013年01月03日 CNN

ブラジル(CNN) ブラジルの農村に住む女子高生がネット上で自分の「初体験」を競売にかけ大きな議論を呼んでいる。







国際 : 聖職者による性的虐待被害者の団体、ローマ法王の退位を

日時: 2013-02-12  表示:2686回

AFP=時事 2月12日(火)8時52分配信

【AFP=時事】ローマ法王ベネディクト16世(Benedict XVI、85)が11日に高齢を理由に退位すると表明したのを受け、聖職者による性的被害者の団体「SNAPオーストラリア(Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) Australia) 」は、ベネディクト16世は聖職者が児童に性的虐待を行う恐ろしい状態の解消にほとんど尽力しなかったと批判し、退位を歓迎する声明を発表した。

AAP(Australian Associated Press)通信によると、SNAPオーストラリアの広報担当者、ニッキー・デービス(Nicky Davis)氏は「聖職者が児童に性的虐待をするという恐怖の状態を終わらせるのにほとんど何も手を尽くさなかった、計り知れない権力を持つ聖職者の退位を被害者は歓迎している」と述べるとともに、「被害者の目からみれば、ヨゼフ・ラッツィンガー(Joseph Ratzinger、ベネディクト16世の本名)は自ら、被害者を大幅に増やし、被害にあった人々の苦しみを極めて大きく増幅させた」と非難し、次の法王には性的虐待の訴えに関する調査により協力的であって欲しいと訴えた。

 カトリック教会は近年、小児性愛の聖職者やカトリック教会の名声を守るために聖職者による児童性的虐待の事実を隠蔽(いんぺい)したという批判を受け、注目を集めていた。【翻訳編集】 AFPBB News

国際 : わいせつアルゼンチン人は逃げた 釈放→再捜査→起訴の

日時: 2013-02-12  表示:2791回

2013年02月11日 産経新聞






 しかし、地検は同年2月、***被告を釈放。すると翌日すぐに、アルゼンチンに帰国してしまった。********* 被告は「相手の同意があった」と容疑を否認していたとされる。地検は、釈放した理由の説明を求める女性側に****被告は相手の同意があると信じていた可能性があり、無罪になるかもしれない」などと話した。そして、釈放した被告を嫌疑不十分で不起訴処分とした。



























国際 : エジプト:反セクハラ運動が活発化 集団強姦事件契機に (20

日時: 2013-02-09  表示:2807回

2013年02月08日 毎日新聞







国際 : 「魔術使った」と焼き殺す 暴徒が女性拷問 (2013.02.08)

日時: 2013-02-09  表示:2848回

2013年02月08日 産経新聞




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